what recipies would you most want to be diplayed next with a scientific description of how they work?

Friday, April 22, 2011

New blog,

To those of you reading this (that is  probably all of you) I hope for you to continue  to do so, and to not jump to any in-mature conclusions.  The aim of this blog is not to talk to you about what I like, but to instead find others who are interested in generally the same things I am, and talk to you about that.  This blog will, mainly, talk about things related to the sciences.  I do not wish to bore you, so we won't talk about boring science, we will instead talk about really, really awesome science.  Since I find the science involved in cooking interesting, we will also talk about that some too. there will also be the occasional video.  So, I deeply encourage you to become a follower of Sammy's Stuff, and to also check out my you tube channel (click here: Catfish Cameras, for awesomeness)

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